Bataille - Venitz
Bataille - Venitz



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Because your skin deserves better, Bastille creates superb unisex perfumes with 95% natural ingredients, 5% clean synthetic ingredients, and above all total transparency on our ingredients. It seems obvious... and yet, it is a revolution in perfumery.

BATTLE - Incandescent woodland

You are given an assertive character, and that is not to displease you. Saffron, ginger, pink pepper, patchouli... Bataille is a battle between water and flames that plays out on your skin and nourishes your inner fire. No keep in all hands.

Top notes: ginger, saffron, pink pepper, magnolia
Heart notes: sage, Virginia cedar
Base notes: patchouli, tonka bean, amber Xtreme

Natural, vegan, and made in France.
50 ml bottle


Short formula (39 ingredients) (classic perfume around 300, while only mentioning on its label its potentially allergenic ingredients (generally, less than 10).

Each of its raw materials was chosen by its perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu.

Natural ingredients (95%):

Bergamot - citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil
Virginia cedar - juniperus virginiana oil
Davana essence - artemisia pallens flower oil
Elemi - c anarium luzonicum gum
Incense resin - cistus ladaniferus resin
Tonka bean - dipteryx odorata bean extract
Ginger essence - zingiber officinale root oil
Ginger extract - zingiber officinale root extract
Michelia Alba - michelia alba flower oil
Patchouli - pogostemon cablin oil
Pink pepper - schinus terebinthifolia seed extract
Clary sage - salvia sclarea oil
Vetiver - vetiveria zizanoides root oil
Organic wheat alcohol

Synthetic ingredients (5%):

Amber Extreme (wood, amber)
Amberketal (wood, amber)
Ambroxan (wood, ambergris)
Cedramber (cedar, ambergris)
Cedrol (cedar)
Coumarin (tonka bean)
Hedione (fresh jasmine)
Helvetolide (musk)
IDM Ketal (wood, musk)
Methylcyclopentadecenone (musk)
Patchouli Alcohol (patchouli)
Peonile (geranium, grapefruit)
Safraleine (saffron)
Safranal (saffron)
Sinfonide (amber, musk)
Trimofix (wood, amber)
Vanillin (vanilla)
Vetiver acetate (vetiver)

The brand

There are already so many perfume brands, why Bastille?

To offer an alternative to the standardized perfumes that dominate the market. Since the 1980s, perfumes have been launched worldwide, and therefore designed to appeal to as many people as possible. Quality raw materials are neglected due to lack of budget, under the pressure of marketing expenses which continue to grow. The offer is therefore often reduced to conformist perfumes, overloaded with additives and cheap synthetic notes.