Bracelet cheville Heishi - Venitz
Bracelet cheville Heishi - Venitz


Heishi ankle bracelet

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Anklet jewelry mounted on a semi-rigid cable adorned with irregular roundel beads of naturally Heishi coral shell with 24-carat gold-plated rounds.

The clasp is 24 carat gold plated


Length 22.5 cm

The brand

Its trademark, shells. Particularly the Caurie, which she owes to her visit to the Island of Gorée years ago, where traditionally we read the future in these ravishing white shells.

Marked by Africa, its exoticism and its rituals will become the DNA
of the creator.

By continuing her travels around the world and her meetings, Aurélia
will create a line of jewelry in which will mingle: its tender
80s, its ethnic aspirations, raw and a bit primitive. Like the
African beads in recycled vinyl that she has been working with since her
beginnings, with a subtle, non-ostentatious femininity, of a free woman
and timeless.

Since 2015, in her workshop in Biarritz, Aurélia has been carving shells,
works the land, creates bronze pieces, and assembles its
matters which for her have no hierarchy of nobility.