Alexia Lamouret

Hello everyone, my name is Alexia Lamouret, I am the Founder of INSPIRE NATURE and the creator of the RENAIS SENS® program. Since 2017, I have been offering support, experiences and exclusive training in the areas of environmental education and reconnection to nature. I specialize in so-called “sensitive” approaches and “forest bath guide” silvotherapy. For me, nature, well-being and environmental protection are three themes that are infinitely linked.

Today, I dedicate a large part of my daily life to support that aims to give meaning. First of all, support for those who wish to return to basics and their true nature. I also support structures in creating eco-sensitive projects. For example, I collaborate with local associations, communities such as the City of Biarritz on the coordination of Eco-citizen Meetings, the Seignosse Tourist Office with whom I offer tailor-made nature experiences, but also with Eco-lodges to train entertainment teams and create unique nature and well-being experiences. Since the beginning of the year, my priority has been to support women and men who wish to reveal their sensitive superpowers, to contribute in their own way to our world. The Renais Sens® program is the first program that is based on a 100% approach based on reconnection to nature and on experience to support sensitive people who wish to reveal their superpowers! I believe that revealing more of our sensitivity can bring change and that “sensitivity may be the future of our world.”

I owe my eco-responsible commitment to a trigger, an awareness; I grew up in Africa and very early on developed a strong connection to the land, to nature, to living things and to others. When I returned to France a few months before my baccalaureate to study, I lost this connection for several years. I cut myself off from my intuition, my sensitivity and my true nature. I worked in fields that were exciting but took me away from who I really was and what is important to me. And then I experienced an ordeal 10 years ago which may have been a gift. It was from that moment that I decided to transform everything. I found this connection to nature and living things which allowed me to take a deep breath! I returned to my studies and set out to give a different meaning to my life!

Since then, I have been involved in everything that allows us to look at the world and our lives with a more “sensitive” look and with more gentleness. I act on my own scale, whether through the support I offer with INSPIRE, but also in my involvement alongside committed local associations and stakeholders. I also feel committed as a woman and as a mother. For me, being engaged means transforming our indifference into attention, these are constant gestures like looking (really looking), considering, being attentive to life, to the beauty of what surrounds us and be aware that the present moment is infinitely precious. It’s a state of being that is nourished and maintained every day and clearly the connection to nature helps me so much. I feel that “the planet does not need to be saved but simply loved” like all of us.

The way I perceive the world around me and the way I interact with others was strongly influenced by my childhood in Africa and my connection to nature of course, but also a lot by my grandparents who passed on a lot to me . My grandmother was pure “love” and kindness, she was always keen to help others and create connections. My grandfather was an enthusiastic, passionate man; a strong man who was self-taught. He passed on to me, when I was a little girl and I returned to France for the summer holidays, all the legends of the rocks of the coast of Biarritz and the names of the mountains of the Basque Country. Today it is my 12 year old son Andréa who amazes me every day by discovering life. Ultimately I feel that it is by awakening our childish gaze that we perhaps perceive our most beautiful influences!

Since we are focusing on our link to childhood, let me tell you an anecdote : When I was 10 years old I was hastily repatriated to France because in Ivory Coast where I lived there was political events and riots which closed all the schools. I arrived during the year, just for a few months, at the Jules Ferry school in Biarritz in the class of Mr. Perret who was the teacher of the CM2 class and the director of the Jules Ferry school. One day he showed us a report from Thalassa on the Aral Sea which was drying up and the risk of lack of water on our planet. It was in 1990! I was shocked by this report. Throughout recess I stayed writing and writing! Mr. Perret, touched by the words in my essay, then made me read it to the whole class. More than 25 years later I found myself in this same class to speak to CM2 children from the Jules Ferry school on the protection of water and biodiversity for the Water Family association with whom I worked. for 6 years. I believe that when we are on our path, life sends us these types of signs and beautiful synchronicities.

I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. So if I had to give advice to those who haven't yet taken the plunge:

I believe deeply in each of these small gestures on an individual scale that make “rings in the water”, I believe in silent exemplarity rather than big debates, I believe in action rather than words but above all I believe that when we take care of our earth we take care of ourselves (and vice versa). For me to share some advice could simply be to start by rediscovering this connection to yourself, to nature and to others. Listen to this little voice that is within us and that already knows everything. From a concrete point of view, it means daring and deciding to experiment with new habits in your life. This can be very different things such as: getting up earlier to take a moment to go see the ocean before starting your day, moving more by choosing on certain journeys to go on foot or by bike, doing sports outdoors and in contact with nature, choosing to eat healthily by meeting local producers, taking the time to think about all the material we have in our life and only keeping what really brings us joy, not being afraid to lead your own revolution in your life to live more aligned with your values, take time for what really matters, let yourself be touched by life...For me, supporting a noble cause is simply find one's true nature and from there all the changes and commitments fall into place and align with evidence rather than because we were told it was good or important to do this or that.

However, adopting a more ethical and responsible lifestyle is not a linear process; I myself continue to have more habits that could evolve like eating avocados, dates, bananas and foods that come from far away but which today I clearly love. I also go on a trip once a year. All this gives me pleasure and contributes to my balance. The notion of pleasure and listening to oneself is essential I think. It is then, like everything, a story of balance. For me the goal is not to become “a perfect being”, in judgment, or in guilt. The idea is more to want to act where it resonates within me. For me, being ethical and responsible means above all being deeply human and therefore imperfect. All our points of improvement, our vulnerabilities, our contradictions are healthy... so, yes, we might as well laugh about it: lightness above all!

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for your health” Voltaire and we could also add that it’s good for the planet 😉!

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