Upcycling Couture Creations

Morgane revalorizes textiles by working haute couture fabric offcuts into vintage or second-hand jackets. Discover here the unique pieces handmade in the Biarritz workshop.

Our Venitz couture upcycling creations

Textile upcycling is a responsible approach to recycling clothing or accessories in order to give them a second life. If more and more eco-responsible brands now require the sourcing of “clean” raw materials, Venitz goes further by offering you unique pieces of clothing made from scraps of fabric from luxury houses, or vintage pieces. Venitz is an eco-responsible clothing brand that deeply believes in recycling luxury pieces through luxury upcycling . A true eco-responsible fashion approach , and a 100% unique look guaranteed!

Upcycled jackets for women

Better than recycled clothing which requires complex and sometimes polluting processes, upcycling fashion consists of personalizing a fashion piece or using textile scraps instead of throwing them away. Wearing clothing from upcycling therefore means choosing eco-responsible clothing , which has a real story to tell. Now that we've explained everything to you, upcycling women 's clothing no longer holds any secrets for you!
When it comes to key pieces, the queen of women's wardrobes is the jacket! To dress up or on the contrary casual down a look, over a top or a t-shirt , or with a dress for a bohemian look, the upcycled couture jacket is always a winning choice! Among our favorite pieces from our Upcycling Couture ” range , we cannot fail to mention the Gaztelur Jacket , a unique piece, icon of recycled clothing for women . This pretty upcycled khaki cotton jacket is decorated with a hand-sewn and embroidered floral fabric. An upcycled designer jacket that is sure to make you fall in love.
For a more rock look, thePerfecto Ornella seems ideal. With its removable sleeves, this pretty second-hand jacket for women will never stop surprising you!