Charléric Bailly

As part of the blog "Conscious People" by Venitz, we interview the actors of the green transition to find out more about the behind their commitments. Today, here is the story of Charléric Bailly.

Hello everyone, I am Charléric “Charlo” Bailly, I am event manager and responsible for volunteer mobilization in the Surfrider association. 

Today, I dedicate a large part of my daily life to protecting the oceans. In my job, this means that I raise awareness among the public (young and old) by doing classroom interventions, holding stands, waste collections, conferences, film debates, happenings, etc., to raise awareness on issues related to aquatic waste, water quality, climate change; and provide solutions. 

From a personal point of view, I try to ensure that each of my gestures, my daily actions, correlate with the environmental cause (reduction of my waste, eco-responsible consumption).

I owe my eco-responsible commitment to a trigger, an awareness: Since I was very young, thanks to my family, I have been immersed in the environment of environmental protection (wildlife refuges, various associations). I knew very quickly that I wanted to dedicate my life to this. So I naturally followed studies in this field. Furthermore, I have always spent my holidays in the South-West, hence my great love for the ocean. The final touch: at the age of 15, volunteers from the Surfrider Hossegor branch made me aware of it. From that day on, I dreamed of joining this association.

In this sense, I have been working at Surfrider Foundation Europe (headquarters) for 3 years, I had already worked there 2 years in the past. In addition to my paid activities, I have been a volunteer there for ten years (2 years at the Surfrider Gironde branch, 8 years at Surfrider Basque Coast branch). I also support other projects on an occasional basis (one-off actions with other associations, participation in crowdfunding, memberships).

The way I perceive the world around me and the way I interact with others has been strongly influenced by my family, my loved ones. They started me on my path, always encouraged me to be open-minded. Also, my work allows me to meet hundreds of people each year, I am enriched by each of my meetings. 

I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. So if I had to give advice to those who haven't yet taken the plunge: Do what you can but do, no excuses, go for it, it's simple actually! Every gesture counts, every little action. For the association, we all have our busy personal lives, work etc., it doesn't matter, it's not a competition, we do it with the time we can give, by becoming a volunteer or just by participating. to occasional actions, we can also financially support the associations, there are a thousand ways to get involved! When it comes to daily life, you have to go gradually, changing your consumption habits little by little. The important thing is to become aware and act at all costs! Even just learning about all these issues is already a big step towards making the world a better place!

However, adopting a more ethical and responsible lifestyle is not a linear process; I myself am not blameless, far from it. I sometimes do my shopping in supermarkets, I sometimes buy packaged products, I wear Vans and other clothes that are not always eco-designed, I drink a Coke from time to time. time, I have an iPhone... The idea is really to do the best, little by little. Changing all your habits at once is difficult, and it can be frustrating.

The orange rays of the setting sun run over the steep rocks that border the ocean, the shells coo - lulled by the swell -, the hubbub of the city falls asleep behind the light mist that rises. The wind whispers a word in my ear: Well done!

It only inspires me with joy! If I'm by the ocean at sunset, it's because I'm exactly where I always wanted to be (I'm from Lorraine, forget the contrast...). I'm probably at this sunset with the people I love, I'm enjoying my life, my meaningful job, I'm good. 

The water brushes against me, I raise my head in a sigh and my eyes meet the stars which shine with their beautiful pale glow. I am overwhelmed by a wave of feelings, even resentments. Dear Nature, I know, it seems bad, we've trashed you when you're so charming, we don't deserve you. I would understand if you eject us all soon, there are a few of us who deserve it. But a little more patience please, there is a little light in the distance at the end of the tunnel (at least I think so, I can't see very well, I'm short-sighted and it must be said that it's really dark at the moment). moment, the exit is still far away). You know, there are still good people and they will end up changing the world. In any case we have no choice, we have to move otherwise we will hit the wall. Well I admit, I have no guarantee on what I say, there are days when I don't believe it myself, but let's keep it up, it will do it!

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