Melanie Daries

Hello everyone , I am Mélanie Daries, founder of Superbe Paris, a powerful lingerie brand.
Today, I dedicate a large part of my daily life to creating underwear to empower women. For me, lingerie is not meant to be sexy. It is a garment in its own right which has a real purpose, that of protecting us from friction and supporting our shapes. It must help us on a daily basis.
My first mission is to help women in this regard and to do it in the most responsible way possible.
All our pieces are made in France or in Europe and made to order or pre-order in order to avoid textile waste, to ensure more responsible fashion.

My eco-responsible commitment, I owe it to a trigger, an awareness :

It was a natural growing awareness of the world around us. We cannot escape it, being concerned about it is a duty, I would even say an obligation.

In this sense, I support French and European manufacturing as well as suppliers of upcycled and recycled materials.
At Superbe we carefully select our materials to offer style, comfort and quality. We only work with recycled, upcycled or French or European-made fabrics and ALWAYS OekoTex certified.
The way I perceive the world around me and the way I interact with others has been strongly influenced by the women I meet on a daily basis. All these women who fight to create meaning around them. I think of creators who shake up the rules, who create value by launching responsible businesses, I think of people who have chosen companies that make sense, who act on a daily basis through their way of consuming.
I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. 

Consume less but better. Choose brands that make sense, that have your values ​​and that manufacture well, while respecting the environment and people. Your part may be more expensive but it will have been made correctly and will make the economy and the planet function in a fairer way. Many brands today offer payment in several installments on their site. It is better to buy a beautiful piece that you will pay for in 3 installments but which you will wear all your life than to buy one piece per month which will be damaged after the first washes.

However, adopting a more ethical and responsible lifestyle is not a linear process ;

I always make compulsive purchases... but on Vinted or Le Bon coin! What do you want, I like beautiful things and new things! But on second-hand sites to still have a clear conscience... confessed fault, half forgiven right? ;)

Superb Paris website here
Instagram: @melanie_daries

Photo by @laurence.revol

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