Pauline Lorin

Hello everyone, I am Pauline Lorin, aka Etche Nahia, eco-responsible interior designer in Biarritz. I have been vegetarian for 6 years and have started a zero waste approach in recent months.

Today, I dedicate a large part of my daily life to 
Develop my activity as a decorator, by offering to redevelop a place in the most eco-responsible way possible. For example, I take care to select healthy paints and natural raw materials. I try as much as possible to reuse existing furniture when possible. I also favor local artisans and businesses.

I owe my eco-responsible commitment to a trigger, an awareness:
On a personal level, numerous reports on the harms of our over-consumption society in recent years have made me realize how important it is to take a step back from our lifestyles and change our habits (food, clothing and others).
On a professional level, it was Nina Chardin from My Green Cocoon, who made me understand that eco-responsibility was not just in the plate or in the clothes, but also in its interior design! It therefore seemed obvious to me to include this eco-responsible approach in my profession and thus favor sustainable, local and healthy design. 
In this sense, I support resource centers, local artisans, animal protection associations or any other committed actor as much as possible, via petitions or via social networks, in order to raise awareness among as many people as possible.
The way I perceive the world around me and interact with others has been heavily influenced by
Two personalities: Hugo Clément, and his daily commitment to biodiversity; Marie Quéru, and her book Interior Ecology.

A place: the Basque Country. I have come there very often on vacation and this region has always been a bit like a second home. So when I had the opportunity to move there, I didn't hesitate. The Basque landscapes are very varied and each inspires in its own way: the calm of the mountains in the hinterland or the power of the waves on the coast. Tradition on one side, “French California” on the other. It is partly these landscapes that remind me every day of the importance of returning to a slower way of life, closer to nature.
Since we are focusing on the Basque Country, let me tell you an anecdote;
Let me tell you that it's not always easy to be vegetarian in the land of charcuterie! And today I live in a roommate with… my grandpa! It's also not always easy to make your approach understood by generations before you. But the best thing is to set an example, without telling others what to do. We never achieve anything through constraint.
I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. So if I had to give advice to those who have not yet taken the plunge: Do not be discouraged from the start but be proud of each small responsible gesture accomplished. Give yourself a goal for each day, each week, each month, and the habits will follow. Take the plunge yes, but little by little! A change in lifestyle and habits can take a long time.
However , adopting a more ethical and responsible lifestyle is not a linear process; I myself always do
I can't do without cheese... I was vegan for 2 years but it didn't suit me, I missed cheese a lot!
I also sometimes buy new clothing or objects even today even though I had sworn to myself that I would only buy them second-hand. I make up for it with more responsible action the next day. It's also a question of pleasure and balance in the end.
The road is long but it is worth it!

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