Thomas Parouty

As part of the blog "Conscious People" by Venitz, we interview the actors of the green transition to find out more about the behind their commitments. Today, here is the story of Thomas Parouty.

Hello everyone, I am Thomas PAROUTY, founder of the MIEUX agency, the first communications agency specializing in Sustainable Development, created in 2009 (OK, it was a little early). We support large companies in explaining their SD strategy (Corporate or products).

Today, I dedicate all my energy to accelerating the social and environmental transition of brands and companies. Companies are moving more and more quickly and with sincerity, in the vast majority. By explaining it, consumption can change, committed brands will attract more customers and the shift will take place, perhaps a little more quickly.

My eco-responsible commitment, I believe, is due to my curiosity (IPCC report, SD documentaries, conferences, meetings with eco-socio-innovators, etc.) and above all to the pleasure I take every day in getting involved. with an extraordinary team of 30 talented communicators.

In this sense, I am still involved in associations that I consider central in their ability to move society: member of Amnesty International at the age of 16, then of various associations such as Entreprendre Vert, the SurfRider Foundation, No Plastic In My Sea or member of ethical committees such as that of Fair Play For Planet, the first CSR label in sport... I also like to give some of my time to giving courses or conferences to students (HEC Paris, Dauphine, Sciences Po, TBS, Iscom, Efap…). Future graduates are key to the transformation of businesses in the coming years.

The way I perceive the world around me and the way I interact with others has been strongly influenced by meetings with very committed people, activists, collapsors or committed students (like those from Pour un Réveil Ecoologique) but also by my origins from the South-West (I am a truffle grower and lover of the ocean…).

Since we're focusing on the South-West, let me tell you an anecdote: I was collecting some plastic waste in Cap-Ferret and I said to my group of friends and family: "The beach is free, I offers to collect 1 piece of waste per person per beach day. Obviously, once you start, it's hard to stop... and everyone leaves with a lot of waste. And at the end, we say “Thank you ocean!” »

I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. So if I had to give advice to those who have not yet taken the plunge: try something new, take advantage of the holidays for example to test new modes of consumption... If you bought “nothing new” for 1 year, if you tried vegetarianism or 100% cycling during your vacation this summer…

However, adopting a more ethical and responsible lifestyle is not a linear process. I myself always make a lot of mistakes: eating red meat once a month at a restaurant, using my car when it's cold, and even flying to the sun last summer (30 € round trip to Menorca, the plane is really not expensive enough)… the good news is that I see where I can still progress. And I will do it.

Its communications agency 'MIEUX' specialized in sustainable development:

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