Vincent Lartizien

Hello everyone, I am Vincent Lartizien
Founder of the company “Les Chanvres de l’Atltantique”, former professional surfer, I looked for a way to help positively transform the planet.
Hemp naturally stood out to me as the most concrete way to offer alternatives to everything that disrupts our health and that of the planet.
Today, I dedicate a large part of my daily life to
Produce, transform and market organic and French Hemp/Cannabis to as many people as possible.
I owe my eco-responsible commitment to a trigger, an awareness;
More than 30 years spent playing on the backs of the great oceans. To understand their rules, their languages. And having observed how nature has been mistreated, damaged, polluted and therefore by interconnection how we humans have been damaged, polluted and mistreated.
Our goal: to change the world and our mission; nourish the health of all through hemp/cannabis. And when we say “all” we include the planet and all forms of life that inhabit it, whether plant, animal mineral or energetic.
This is our commitment, our mission!
The way I perceive the world around me and interact with others has been heavily influenced by ...
All these years spent playing with nature and understanding its universal rules and applying those rules to our human behavior on this planet in this incarnation at this time. This approach pushed me towards studies and an understanding of matter itself and above all understanding how matter is the fruit of different energies and therefore it is important to understand what these energies are and how to work with them to act. on the material.
In all this learning the interconnectedness of everything with everything continues to influence the way we interact with all.
Since we are focusing on what the oceans have taught me, let me tell you an anecdote:
When I arrived in Hawaii at 18 (where I lived for 18 years), I saw Hawaiian surfers saying a prayer before entering the water to go surfing. It took me a good ten years to understand what they were doing: they were asking permission from the Ocean to come and play on their backs, they were communicating with it, they were connecting to it to be fairer in their practice to nourish this interconnection. They knew that there is a link between everything and that if this link is nourished and conscious we can act on matter and in this case, ask for the guidance of the Ocean or its protection in the big waves.
I like to think that the desire to support noble causes is contagious. So if I had to give advice to those who haven't yet taken the plunge:
Consider that each of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions affect the WHOLE, as if you were the web and everything was connected. So you/we are responsible for the web, our environment, everything that happens to us. We have this power, use it.

Being aware of this power does not mean becoming perfect, it is the path that does not matter the small detours where we sometimes get lost .

Website of the Nunti-Sunya brand here (Vinvent, initiator of the project)
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