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How Morgane creates unique clothes from luxury fabric scraps

“Revalorizing materials and clothing” is the objective set by Morgane, a former seamstress at Chanel , now an independent designer on the Basque Coast . “I wanted a return to my roots. So I left Paris at 33, taking only my cat... and fabrics , above all, which filled half the truck! »

“All my pieces are unique”

A good inspiration since barely settled in Biarritz , she let herself be carried away by a sort of creative madness: “I started working on second-hand pieces , like blouses or denim jackets, by masking their appearance defects with scraps of fabric from luxury houses .” The success was such that Morgane opened the Venitz boutique a few months later, in which her creations were sold.

“All my pieces are unique,” ​​explains the young woman who collects her raw materials “at the Saint-Ouen Flea Market , where you can find quite a few things, at the “Ressourcerie” in Paris and then in flea markets . The clothes, two, I find them on the Internet and in thrift stores .”

Discover its “trade secrets” in this video from our partner Brut .

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