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It's still summer, but the start of the school year is slowly starting to occupy our minds. And for this time of year, some people have the habit of redoing their wardrobe to make a good impression when they return from vacation. When it comes to fashion, Morgane Catteau knows her stuff quite well.

Direction Biarritz to meet her. Three years ago, this former seamstress at Chanel for 14 years decided to leave everything behind to take off. At 33, she left her Parisian life and her apartment and moved to Biarritz. In July 2020, she opened a workshop-boutique there called Venitz . Here she recovers fabrics not used by major fashion houses to make unique and original pieces.

A new professional life at the center of which she wanted to anchor an eco-responsible approach. Because what she loves about her job is, above all, recovering raw, slightly damaged fabrics and then transforming them to enhance them and make something luxurious out of them. Because according to her, nothing is lost, everything is transformed and above all everything is reused.

By Francois Willmann JOURNALIST

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