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It gives a second life to luxury fabrics

In the center of Biarritz, the “Venitz” boutique where Morgane works gives a second life to fabrics from fashion houses. Brut spent a day there.

“At 33, I left Paris. I left the apartment. I took the cat on board. I loaded up the fabrics, which filled half the truck, and started making things again. I met Rudy, with whom I am doing the Venitz adventure today”.

“It’s practically just scraps of fabric from a fashion house”

A seamstress in the luxury sector for nearly 14 years in Paris, Morgane now works in a second-hand boutique in Biarritz. With fabric scraps from fashion houses, she creates original and unique pieces.

To find the perfect fabric, Morgane usually wanders around the Saint-Ouen flea market as well as flea markets. When choosing clothes, the seamstress prefers thrift stores and websites.

If there's something she likes about her job, it's “ recovering something raw, damaged, and transforming it in a slightly luxurious way. I love this contrast,” explains Morgane.

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