Eco-responsible sewing

In April 2021, Paulette magazine, a pioneer of independent and creative women's press, gave an article to Venitz. Within the 360° concept of Paulette, a true artistic label dedicated to fashion and events, our Biarritz fashion house found a special place.

Morgane Catteau, co-founder of Venitz Conscious Création, answers questions from Margot Hinry.

"Today, I have Chanel in my veins. When I returned home, I was 20 years old. It was there that I learned to sew. It became natural to create in the CC's DNA. So of course, Chanel inspires me, but I also love Miu Miu. I also love the 70's, disco, the retro side of glitter, but always in a small touch, it's very light I am also very inspired by the ocean, the sun, nature.

From home, I kept the hand stitches, the invisible stitches, the slipper stitches. Actually, it's when you're not using a sewing machine. Just a thread, a needle and our little fingers. This way our stitches hold the fabric together.”

Link to the full article: Paulette

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