Haute couture recycling

On April 10, 2021, the newspaper Sud-Ouest Pays-Basque published an article dedicated to our caring fashion house, signed Céline Vautard.

In Biarritz, Morgane Catteau, who worked for Chanel, upcycles second-hand pieces into unique, ennobled creations.

Opened in July 2020, Venitz (contraction of Venice Beach, a bohemian chic seaside district of Los Angeles, and Biarritz) is the new eco-responsible fashion address in the Basque Country. This committed place offers a selection of favorite products as part of a transparent and sustainable approach. Local designers (Maison Monik, Manegane), ethical fashion pieces (Ecoalf, Johnny Romance), rub shoulders with organic cosmetics (Oskol, On The Wild Side) and eco-friendly accessories.

We come to Venitz above all for the know-how and the creations of Morgane, 35 years old, trained in gold embroidery and graduated from the Chambre syndicale de la couture Parisienne, and 14 years spent as a little hand within the house of Chanel . “I learned a lot but I needed to stand on my own two feet,” confides the woman who set up the project with her partner Rudy Cohen.


"My desire is to revalorize textiles through careful assembly games. Everything is done by hand, in the shop that serves as my workshop. I give a second life to pieces that I hunt for or collect in I embroider them, enhance them with details and fabrics that come from fashion house scraps to make them exclusive pieces: upcycling-couture!”

Already adopted by celebrities like the singer Hollysiz, aka Cécile Cassel, the Venitz brand held its first fashion show on the rooftop of the Casino de la Grande plage in Biarritz and launched its online store. Recently, it has even offered a personalization service to customers who wish to give a second life to their favorite piece.

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