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After an artistic baccalaureate, Morgane Catteau decided somewhat by chance to train in embroidery in Rochefort. It was a real revelation for her and the young woman quickly became passionate about this craft, which requires a lot of skill and precision.

She then studied sewing and pattern making, before joining the Parisian Couture Union Chamber and the prestigious Maison Chanel in 2005. She worked there for 14 years (three years in the haute couture section and eleven years in luxury ready-to-wear).

This period of my life allowed me to perfect myself. We worked with very high quality materials, with semi-precious stones for example. There were always new materials, new issues and new experiences. It was very stimulating ,” recalls this true enthusiast, who grew up between La Rochelle and Royan.

But the lack of authenticity and the call of the ocean push her to leave her position, reinforced by the desire to create for herself. The meeting with different players in eco-responsible fashion, including Rudy Cohen, who would become his companion and partner, during eco-responsible fashion week and then showed him the way to follow.

… It’s sublimating the past of clothes in a way.

But it's a romantic trip to California to discover American concept stores, and their desire to set up a project together which will clarify the spirit of Venitz (contraction of Venice Beach and Biarritz). The idea is simple: revalue scraps of luxury home fabrics and pieces found here and there or unsold items. “ I love flea markets and antiquing. I kept in touch with the suppliers of luxury houses. Everything I can salvage, I do: whether it's fabric scraps, unsold items, samples... What I like most about this new activity is the vintage side, making something out of it new and alive. It’s about sublimating the past of the clothes in a way ,” she confides.

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