Venitz favorite address

In June 2021, Biba magazine compiled a list of its favorite places to visit in the Basque Country. Among the 22 essentials, whose spectrum of areas extends from gastronomy to leisure to shopping: Venitz, our caring fashion house located in Biarritz.
A simple and concise description of our concept which revolves around three axes: Upcycling Couture, the creations that Morgane makes from second-hand clothes and fabric scraps from Couture houses; Eco-Creation, the line of pieces specially created by Venitz in compliance with the environment and ethical rules, mainly organic, local, and very trendy; the Conscious Selection, the brands that enrich the offer of stores dedicated to women and men, handpicked according to very precise criteria of eco-responsibility (and good taste!).
Proud to be part of the "Escape" category of this edition, we invite you to set sail alongside us for a moment of sharing, halfway between the surfing atmosphere of California (Venice Beach) and the elegance of Biarritz, at 5 and 18 Avenue de Verdun in Biarritz!

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