Venitz in Brut

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She creates unique clothes from luxury fabrics

Morgane collects fabric scraps from luxury brands to create unique second-hand clothes. Brut followed her.

“The idea is to revalorize the material and the clothing”

Formerly a seamstress in Paris, Morgane left everything to work in this second-hand store located in Biarritz. With scraps of fabric recovered from major luxury houses, she gives new life to second-hand clothing. “ For example, on this denim jacket, we had little stains, like that, on the sleeves. So, I had several options. It could have been embroidery, but I really wanted to work with this green fabric, very fresh for summer.”

To find luxury fabric, Morgane likes “ to go to the flea market near Saint-Ouen” , near Paris. She also regularly goes to the “ Ressourcerie ” as well as flea markets. As for clothes, she most generally finds them on the internet and in thrift stores. “ In fact, I like this idea of ​​recovering something raw, a little damaged... There you go, there is not one that is the same. And to transform it in a slightly luxurious way. That, I love this contrast.”

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