Venitz in the Figaro Scope

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A new Eldorado for pioneers, the Basque city continues to inspire. From June 28 to July 2, it will host the first edition of the Biarritz International Film Festival, resolutely focused on the young guard.

"Biarritz has always had a great love affair with fashion. Gabrielle Chanel invented the sporty silhouette there and made Villa Larralde her first fashion house. Today, a young creative guard is following in her wake at the Like Morgane, former little hand in the Chanel workshops and founder of the Venitz brand. This outstanding artist gives a second life to scraps of precious fabrics and unsold items, by creating unique and desirable pieces in her boutique-workshop, reflections of haute couture know-how."

Venitz. 5, avenue de Verdun. Such. : 06 68 72 71 91.

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