Venitz doubles the stake

In May 2021, Fashion Network gave us an article on the occasion of the opening of a second boutique dedicated to men: Venitz Gentlemen.
Céline Vautard offers you an overview of the commitments of the house Venitz Conscious Creation, to which is added a brief flashback to understand how the unique idea of ​​the concept appeared, and finally retrace the journey - just as short as promising - from a brand that will carve out a place for itself in the Biarritz trade, and well beyond.

“The results are bitter because we had just finished the work for the opening when we had to close for the third confinement, confides Rudy Cohen, co-founder of the Venitz Conscious Creation concept in Biarritz with Morgane Catteau, about his new store man."

Together, in the summer of 2020, they founded Venitz (contraction of Venice Beach, a bohemian chic seaside district of Los Angeles, and Biarritz), a unique concept installed at 5 Avenue de Verdun, which combines workshop and boutique, where pieces come together second hand upcycled by Morgane and an eco-responsible offer.

Ten months after the opening of Venitz Conscious Creation and three confinements later, the indicators are encouraging. The logical next step is the opening of Venitz Conscious Gentlemen, at number 18 on the same street.

While the women's boutique focuses on the couture side with pieces upcycled by Morgane, the new men's space plays the Californian surf card with Rudy's favorites. "Here, the offer combines textiles and lifestyle with brands like Knowledge Cotton Apparel, Jonsen Island, Saint James, Bask in the Sun and Outerknown, the Kelly Slater label of which Venitz can boast of being the first in France to distribute the collections."

The 20 square meter space also has the mission of raising awareness about ecology and the protection of the oceans via a bookstore corner. “History of surfing, committed books, the idea is to offer a real universe right down to the furniture which is 100% second hand,” concludes Rudy Cohen.

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