Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz
Veste Malibu - Venitz


Malibu Jacket

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It is in the Biarritz workshop that Morgane fashioned this unique piece of vintage denim thanks to the know-how she drew from her experience in haute couture: small hand in the Chanel Atelier for 14 years / union chamber of Parisian Couture / Rochefort Gold Embroidery school.

The Upcycling Couture artisanal line is part of a textile upcycling process by giving life to fabric scraps from Couture houses on second-hand or unsold clothing.

Size: XS
Workshop time: 9:30 a.m.
Upcycled fabrics: luxury home hologram fabric
Lined sleeves

The creator

After a childhood spent by the sea and studies focused on the visual arts, Morgane headed towards her passion: clothing. She started with a Gold Embroidery school, before joining the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. 

In 2005, she joined the house of Chanel, which allowed her to be at the heart of the Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear collections for fourteen years. There she created Karl Lagerfeld's models as a “little hand”. These years of experience have allowed him to acquire patience, attention to detail and a concern for perfection. 

The approach to noble materials and the study of the lines of clothing push the designer to seek excellence in products and to combine the aesthetic and practical sides of clothing.

Always in search of harmony, Morgane flourishes through the sourcing of materials and their history, as well as the choice of colors and patterns, by co-creating a clothing brand made in France in Paris.

Her eco-responsible commitment pushes her to leave the capital to rediscover values ​​that are close to her heart: a way of life where we take the time to do things mindfully. The Basque country, his region of heart, is a real source of inspiration and is a natural choice.      

The brand

More than a brand, Venitz is an awareness: that of the need to reduce our consumption impact. It mixes an aesthetic inspired by the free atmosphere of Venice Beach, with the codes of elegance found in Biarritz. This contraction of the two names illustrates a unique blend, which gives life to urban fashion resolutely focused on the ocean.