Pad surf fish en liège - Venitz
Pad surf fish en liège - Venitz
Pad surf fish en liège - Venitz


Cork surf fish pad

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1 traction pad purchased = 1.5 kg of waste collected and 62% CO2 saved compared to an EVA foam pad

A traction pad inspired by nature, made from a natural and renewable material

100% natural, elastic, waterproof and lightweight. So many characteristics that make it an element of choice to equip your board. Manufactured in a short circuit, we guarantee a reduced footprint on the environment.


15% Landes cork bark

65% recycled wine corks

20% cork waste

Weight: 0.235 kg

The brand

Nomads Surfing is a brand committed to the well-being of future generations.
Their objective is to reduce the carbon impact on products as much as possible and to offer alternatives to today's surfers.

Circular Economy

“The circular economy and the protection of the oceans are two major issues that
expect in the next decade. We will need to make the most of the cycle
life of materials and products to best preserve the environment and our
natural resources."


"We donate 5% of our sales to
associations committed to preservation
marine eco-systems and which
raise awareness among new generations.
We are a brand, created by
surfers for committed surfers".